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Join on your preferred platform

Join our community as a public member. In order to access the private rooms, you will need to proceed through steps 2 and 3

step 2

Mint Your Pass

Mint your Pass through the DAO to receive bootstrapping rewards in the form of aTRIB tokens. Passes can also be purchased on secondary markets, but do not receive aTRIB rewards.

step 3

Grow Your Influence

Burn your aTRIB to mint aINF against one of your Passes, and increase your standing in the DAO. Refer new members to earn aTRIB, and out-compete your peers.

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The ARK is a Token Managed Collective, whose express goal is to grow, capitalise on, and control our own influence in the crypto markets. Capital is the lifeblood of any financial market, but until now most crypto participants have been blindly corralled by Youtube creators, anon Twitter accounts, and Instagram influencers. When participants are directing their attention to those entities, and outsourcing their decision making to the person who 'seems' trustworthy (think SBF), then the result is always the same. Those centralised entities eventually sell them out either covertly or via blatant exploitation.

We want to stop that process from occurring, and instead build a democratically oriented group which makes its members stronger via collective leverage and brand recognition. Individuals can also be objectively quantified in regards to past contributions to the community, and these rankings can be used to mutate the group in a trustless yet predictable way, while at the same time providing a distribution mechanism for incubated utilities and projects.

The ARK is fundamentally about giving the underdogs of the market a way to leverage their loyalty to a given protocol. Without pigeonholing the overall experience of participating in The ARK, we want it to become a kind of crypto Meta-Community; not a community which is built around any one personality or product, but rather one which is built around the crypto experience itself. Crypto is a coordination layer, and we want to use it to build a strong community which makes us stronger together than apart.

In short? Work together to become an effective crypto native collective.

One of the most underestimated aspects of 'making it' is that it's much easier to achieve when you are part of a group. Usually these groups exist in an ad-hoc manner, where private servers operate on an invite-only basis, and insiders court insiders in DMs.

The ARK is specifically aimed at crypto investors without access to those insider groups. We are building our own public/private hybrid group, where access to higher levels is contribution based.

Unlike many DeFi products which rely on code as a primary value add, we rely on code as a coordination mechanism, and instead see the primary value add for our users as the creation of a tight core community where participation is rewarded.

Collective leverage is an underappreciated market dynamic. Venture Capitalists, and social media influencers rush in to fill this void, and in the process cultivate followings with the sole purpose of selling them later for private placements, or using them as exit liquidity.

The ARK exists as an attempt to disintermediate the influencer and VC 'hustle', so that we can 'own our own influence', use it to open doors, use it to launch our own projects, and belong to a self re-enforcing community which is stronger together than apart.

The benefits which may come from membership will be a product of our own work. However, we hope that benefits of membership can include but are not limited to:

  • Airdrop based project incubation for holders
  • Collective ownership of on-chain alpha strategies
  • Belonging to a network of regular individuals, who collectively own our own influence and use it for our own benefit
  • Gaining feedback on investment/trade ideas
  • Participating in VC style funding rounds for projects which have been vetted by the collective
  • Crowdsourcing discovery and research of new projects

ALL economic elements of the project (passes, tokens, soul-bound elements) are fully decentralised on the Arbitrum network, and completely beyond the reach of the team.

Public social channels are run by the founding team, but we are open to interested parties helping us with this and broadening control outside the team. Research is taking place into moving to a federated messaging system for higher level members.


If you have expertise, opportunities, or capital to share with the DAO, but feel that this contribution is so valuable that you want to short-circuit the influence building process, then please reach out to the team directly. It's very likely that remuneration for work carried out would be in the form of Influence (aINF), so please no time-wasters looking to drain our community treasury.


ARK Ecosystem Assets

The ARK Pass (aPASS) asset is an ERC721 compliant non-fungible token which lives on the Arbitrum Layer 2 mainnet. Holding this token grants access to a level of the community in accordance with the current network state and amount of influence minted against your Passes.

They exists in 3 forms; Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

The aTRIB Contribution Token. The ARK Ecosystem's Oil.

Earn aTRIB by carrying out actions which are useful to the DAO. aTRIB can be burned to mint Influence tokens in a one way transformation. By separating DAO influence and contribution incentive as two distinct tokens, contributors must decide if they wish to wield influence over the DAO, or simply provide services for earnings.

The ARK Ecosystem's Influence/Voting token.

Mint aINF by burning aTRIB against one of your Ark Passes. In doing so, you raise your standing in the DAO, dilute non contributory members, and potentially transition your Pass between one of the Bronze to Silver, or Silver to Gold level boosts. This is a one way process, but liquidation of aINF is possible by selling the associated NFT.

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